Serendipity Lettering

Hi there! I’m Taryn, and Serendipity Lettering is my business. I’m so glad you’re here!

At SL, we believe life is full of moments to be celebrated: your wedding day, your best friend’s birthday, your parents’ milestone anniversary, your partner’s promotion, your baby’s first steps, your puppy’s homecoming. We all celebrate in different ways, for different occasions, at different times and in different places, but one thing we all share is the presence of special moments; moments we hold close to our hearts, and moments we want to celebrate.

In the calm after the storm, when the music has mellowed, the candles have cooled, the party guests have departed, and the decorations have been put away, there’s space and time to take stock of this wonderful life. Maybe a certain phrase encapsulates the day, or a name or a lyric or a beloved quote. Words can help us record and reflect on these moments, and that’s where we come in.

We hope to deliver beautiful words and phrases to help you cherish each and every one of these moments – from the grandiose to the everyday. Through personalized wedding day details to customized wall art and everything in between, we hope to enrich your life with mementos that will last through the years.

What does ‘heart-centered’ mean?

There is no strict definition for this, and you can’t find “heart-centered” in the dictionary.

But for me, being heart-centered means living from a place of compassion and love. It means showing up in the world every day and doing good. My primary mission, both as a human being and through this business, is to encourage, inspire, and uplift. Where life can feel heavy sometimes, I want to inject some light.

I put meaningful art out into the world, and hope that through it, I’m doing my small part to brighten a day, lift a mood, or support through hard times. Impact can happen in big and small ways, but my goal isn’t total world domination. I just want to be a constant, calming source of little smiles, gentle nods of encouragement, and persistent reminders that you are enough, just as you are.

Being heart-centered means being who you are, before any influence from the world outside your window. Living from your heart, trusting your intuition, knowing your values, and sharing your wisdom.

If we all show up in the world as our best, most authentic selves, big shifts can happen. Serendipity Lettering is my contribution to making those little shifts every day. Because a little bit all the time adds up to a whole lot in the end.

Of this be sure: you do not find the happy life… you make it
- Thomas Monson -